Gardening Tips

Gardening tips, ideas and tricks for the indoor and outdoor gardener. This is basically a "best of" list from my garden blog. The links open in a new window. I'll update this page from time to time when I dig through the archives of my gardening blog.

Amaryllis Pollination
Amaryllis seeds and Amaryllis Seed Pod photos
See Also: my blog dedicated to Amaryllis bulbs

Cacti & Succulents
How to propagate Echeveria Black Prince
Adenium Obesum Seedlings
Adenium Obesum propagation by cuttings
How to repot a cactus
Propagating Succulents
Adenium Obesum care
How to make your Christmas Cactus bloom
String of Hearts Vine Propagation
How to pollinate Thanksgiving Cactus flower
Potting Jade plant cuttings
Pink Adenium Obesum flower
How to Repot Lithops "Living Stones"
Potting Jade Cuttings


Seeds Saving