Chicago Bugs

One of the neat things about gardening for me is coming across various bugs in my little urban garden. This isn't an comprehensive list of bugs you'll find in Chicago it is just a list and photos of some that I managed to find in my garden in Chicago. Some of them are good others are bad and some are just ugly. These links go back to my gardening blog where you can view the pictures and read what I found out about them. I'll update this page as time permits and as bugs pose for photos. If you find any errors feel free to leave me a comment in the appropriate blog entry.

Lady Bug
Spotted Cucumber Beetle-Yellow with black spots

Hover Fly-Yellow with black stripes

Butterflies & Moths
Red Admiral Butterfly -Black, white orange, blue
Monarch Butterfly-Orange, black, white
Webworm Moth-Orange, black, white
Black Swallowtail Butterfly-Black,white, blue
Small White Butterfly-White
Eastern Tailed-blue Butterfly-White, brown, orange, blue

Brown slug-Brown

Bees & Wasps
Mud Dauber Wasp-Metallic blue

Other/I don't know
Lighting Bug-Brown, orange, black
Lacewing-Tan with transparent wings
Candy Stripped Leafhopper-Turquoise, tan, red
Lacebugs-Tan, white
Leafminer bug-?