Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you a professional gardener?

No, I have no formal training. It is just a hobby of mine.

What kind of camera do you use to take photos of your plants?

I use two: a Sony Cybershot and a Digital Rebel XTI. My videos on YouTube are also made using the Sony Cybershot.

What is wrong with my Aloe?

I don't know I can't see it.

Can you help me with my blog?

I'm generally happy to see if I can help a fellow gardener/blogger. If you're a small business, groups or institution I may also be able to help.

Can I republish your blog on my website or blog?

No. The original content on my blog is mine, blogging is easy but it is also time consuming.It is generally a good idea for you to create original content for visitors of your blog or website. If you're looking to fill your blog or website with content that isn't original there are several websites you can find through Google that allow you to republish content created by others.  Although, I'm open to creating original content for your website or blog for a fee.

Can I use your photographs?

This one is harder to answer. I usually tag all my photos on my garden blog with my name to keep people from using them on their blog or website. I sell my photographs through ShutterStock and if you're a photographer looking to sell your photos I recommend them. If you're a designer they have very reasonable rates for buying photos. I'll also sell/barter photos (not just plant photos) of mine directly with bloggers, webmasters and designers or take original photos for them.  So contact me if you need pictures.

Can you help me with my header?

Sure. Headers for blogs are easy to make and I'm ok with helping you with yours in exchange for a link.

How can I contact you?

Can you write about my product or services?

Maybe. Send me an e-mail with the details.

Do you guest blog?

I'm open to having guest bloggers on my blog and have done it in the past. I'd also guest blog for other bloggers.

check back for more answers to frequently asked questions.